The Business Unit of Managed Services of Sotec Consulting uses a methodology to carry out the Managed Services (Also known as “ANS” or “SLA”).
Our methodology consists in the integral transformation of a Technical Assistance to a Managed Service or Service Level Agreement. 

SOTEC's application development solutions are focused on creating business applications that reflect the evolving work environment .

In Sotec we focus on information security providing innovative security services that your business information is safe.

In SOTEC we offer management and analysis of massive Data volumes so they can be treated in a conventional way.

Sotec developes specific services to provide solutions within the banking sector such as SICAT or COFEM among others.

Total Alignment is a matter of clarifying the vision and values in measurable terms, construct a measurable strategy, assign responsibility to the right person at the right level of the organization and ensure excellent execution throughout the entire process.

In Sotec we have been working on gamification since 2012 and count on our team with international experts’ collaboration. Which allows us to offer consulting, design, and gamification training. 

The platforms allow you to connect smart devices, which can be either humans or in animals or things, receive data from the sensors and store all that kind of information in a secure and organized manner.

CLICK2C Is an mobile application designed to detect images with Digital Water Marks. The enriches images with Digital Water Marks are “bridges” printed to the digital mobile multimedia content.  

In Sotec Consulting we are also committed to open source solutions, the quality and security offered by these products is increasingly larger, and its use implies a much higher reduction in licensing and maintenance costs for companies than the other approaches.